About Us

Deb Grigson and Chad Pearce founded eConsultingNetwork in 2005 as a strategic compensation management firm dedicated to helping clients design, analyze, deliver, and manage their compensation programs to meet corporate objectives.

Deb Grigson, Founding Partner

Prior to establishing eConsultingNetwork, Deb worked as an Assistant Vice President in the Compensation Consulting Group of Aon Consulting, providing compensation and related technology consulting to a wide range of organizations. Deb has a great deal of experience in strategic compensation design and implementation, human resources, performance management design and delivery, market assessment, incentive redesign, human resource audits and process redesign, executive compensation studies, severance agreement analyses, and technology solution design and development.


Chad Pearce, Founding Partner

Prior to founding eConsultingNetwork, Chad spent nearly three decades as a Software Architect and IT Director at Aon Consulting, providing technology solutions to many clients in the areas of human resource, benefits, and compensation. Chad has developed and been the architect for employee and manager self-service human resource, compensation, and benefits applications for a variety of Fortune 500 clients. Most recently, he is the co-creator of JobBlox™ , eConsultingNetwork’s proprietary online job documentation management system.

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